Please fill in the form at the bottom of this page and we'll let Councilman Clemons know that you support his effort to relocate the siren to a location that doesn't endanger residents!

We, the undersigned, respectfully request that the city of Crown Point relocate the weather warning siren on Wirtz Road to a more appropriate location.

Anyone standing within 200 feet of the activated siren could suffer Permanent Hearing Loss..

The siren creates a dangerous obstacle between pedestrians and their homes in the event of a tornado warning. People living north or south of the siren must pass the activated siren in order to reach their homes. Children walking home from Timothy Ball Elementary School are especially at risk, as are parents and siblings, who escort the students home.

Any person - walking, bicycling, skate-boarding, pushing a stroller, walking a dog, etc, must cover their ears, and move at least 200 feet from the siren when the siren is activated. This is often not practical, and in some instances, not possible.

In addition, the siren poses a danger to residents with neighboring yards within 200 feet of the siren. At least five homes have yards within this range.

The siren should be located in area that does not exacerbate the dangers of trying to reach our homes in the event of a tornado.

Thank You for considering our request.