If You Haven't Seen This, You Need To Take a Long Look

This is one of two signs on Wirtz Road. The signs are there to warn you and your children that the nearby weather warning siren causes permanent hearing damage. The signs instruct you to cover your ears, and move at least 200 feet from the siren when the siren is activated. When the siren is activated, a 400 foot stretch of Wirtz Road becomes a dangerous place to be.

This siren emits a sound output level of 130db over the entire area. So how loud is 130db? The National Campaign for Hearing Health's Toxic Noise Guidelines state that any exposure to sound levels of 130db will cause Permanent Hearing Loss..

No Place For A Weather Siren

This siren is in a totally inappropriate location. It stands just feet away from another road sign that says Slow - Children At Play.

The purpose of a weather siren is to alert people of an impending tornado.Wirtz Road is a primary route for children walking home from Timothy Ball Elementary School. If your child is walking home when the siren goes off, the sign instructs him or her to cover their ears, and get away from the siren Ė even if the siren stands between your child and your house. A tornado event is not the time to take the long way home! The siren adds the dangers of hearing damage and detours in an already dangerous tornado situation. The siren needs to be moved.

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This Weather Siren Isn't Even Necessary!

Crown Point's offiicial siren outlay map clearly shows that our area is already covered by three weather warning sirens. If you look at the map, you can see that we're covered by the siren at the firehouse, the one in White Hawk, and the one on Court street. There is absolutely no reason for it to be here at all, so this siren puts us all in danger needlessly.

A Clear and Present Danger

The danger doesnít end with the Timothy Ball school year. Tornados occur during Spring and Summer months, but the siren can go off at any time Ė rain or shine. In fact, it went off on July 5th of this year at 10:00 am for no apparent reason.

Did you hear it?

Click to hear what the siren warning signal sounds like.

The siren is activated by remote control. Was anybody looking to see if people were near the siren when it was activated on July 5th?

All summer long, children, adults and pets of the Quail Meadows neighborhood risk the danger of permanent hearing loss posed by the weather siren. Ask yourself, how does a child riding a bicycle cover his ears when the siren goes off?

This is a neighborhood filled with children of all ages. They ride bikes. They ride scooters. They ride mopeds. They ride skate boards. They use the field where the siren stands as a short-cut through the neighborhood. They play by the creek next to the siren. They are at risk of permanent hearing loss if the siren is activated.

Ours is neighborhood of joggers, walkers, babies in strollers, and dogs on leashes. How do you cover your ears if you are pushing a baby stroller? How do you cover your babyís ears? How do you cover your ears if you are walking a dog on a leash? How do you cover your petís ears?

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And what if a tornado is coming? It isnít easy to run while covering your ears Ė try it. And there is no sidewalk near the siren. People will have to cover their ears and run in the street. Hopefully, the cars rushing past the siren will see you there because you wonít be able to hear the cars. Sirens are supposed to protect people during tornados not endanger them during tornadoes.

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In some cases, it isnít safe to run home The siren poses a danger to residents with neighboring yards that are within 200 feet of the siren. At least five homes in the neighborhood have yards within this range. In at least three instances, residents can not enter their homes during a tornado without risking permanent hearing loss from the siren. Click here to see pictures. How do you park and get out of your car while covering your ears? How do you cover your ears while unlocking and opening the door to your house? Does the car provide protection from the hearing damage? Is it safe to drive past the siren on your way home?

The city maintains that the siren is needed to keep residents safe in a tornado. Essentially, our neighborhood is being endangered for the "greater good" of the community. We maintain that the siren should be re-located to a place where nobody is threatened with hearing damage, and the community can still be alerted to a tornado event.

The city says that the siren meets FEMA guidelines. We say it doesnít. Click here to Check them for yourself. The city says that they will put the siren on a higher pole to make it safer for our hearing. But the warning signs are up, and the pole is the same height that is always was. Click here for news articles. The city put up two signs that say the siren causes hearing damage for a reason. The reason is that the siren does cause hearing damage.

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Thank you for keeping our neighborhood a safe place to live and play.